About the Journal

Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research (IJFR) was first published as Journal of Forestry Research (JFR) in November 2004 (ISSN 0216-0919). The last issue of JFR was published in December 2013. The Journal has been accredited by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences since 2008 and by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education since 2018. IJFR has also obtained accreditation “Peringkat 1” or “Rank 1” from the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency in 2020  (Decree Number: 200/M/KPT/2020). IJFR is issued in one volume per year, including two issues delivered in April and October.

IJFR was previously published by the Research, Development and Innovation Agency - the Ministry of  Environment and Forestry, formerly known as Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA) - the Ministry of  Forestry, Republic of  Indonesia. Due to national policy change in research institution, the Ministry would no longer manage and publish the IJFR. Therefore, since 2023, the management and issuance of the IJFR is handed over to the Association of Indonesian Forestry and Environment Researchers and Technicians (APTKLHI). Consequently, the logo of the publisher was updated accordingly.